• It’s Easy to Save

If you are able to save but just don't want to use a bank, we're a safe local option. We don't play the stock market and because we're covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme your money is always 100% safe.

Your savings can help your neighbours to access affordable loans to buy school uniforms, get a new washing machine or fix a leaky pipe. And any surplus we make is given back to you as a dividend.

It's a no-cost way to give something really useful back to your local community. 

Why save with us?

Anyone who lives or works  within the area can join. Among the benefits of saving with us are:

    • No need to go to town to pay into your savings or discuss a loan.
    • Young members don’t pay the joining fee, or annual fee until they are 18.
    • Save as little or as much as you like (see below)
    • You may get an annual dividend on your savings, however this is not guaranteed.
    • Your savings are guaranteed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
    • You get free life assurance; your family can get up to double your shares (maximum £3,000) when you die subject to

       terms and conditions.


Minimum and maximum savings 

You can save up to £500 per month.  The maximum amount of savings you can have in your account at any one time is £15,000 (£10,000 for Junior savers). You must retain at least £10 in your account to keep it open.  These figures can be changed at any time by the Board of Directors.

Withdrawing your savings

You can withdraw your savings at any time providing you don't have an outstanding loan balance which is greater than the amount of your savings. For example, if you still owed £500 on a loan and you had £1,000 savings, you would be able to withdraw £500.

We can pay via cash  or bank transfer.